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5 Minutes with Nicolas Beaulieu, the perfumer behind new Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower - SCENTS Blog

5 Minutes with Nicolas Beaulieu, the perfumer behind new Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower

5 Minutes with Nicolas Beaulieu
Celebrity & People

Love Jimmy Choo Illicit? Well, you'll adore the new addition to the family, Illicit Flower. This fruity cocktail of apricot, mandarin and grapefruit flower will have you hooked from the first spritz. We're just itching to get our hands on it, so we started by getting the goss from one its perfumers, Nicolas Beaulieu...

portrait parfumeur IFFWhat was the idea behind Illicit Flower?

Illicit Flower is about delicate sensuality and extreme femininity. That's why I chose notes of rose and musk.

What does the fragrance remind you of?

It brings back childhood memories of my mother cooking apricot jam.

When would you wear Illicit Flower?

There are no rules. You should wear Illicit Flower whenever you want to smell delicate and sensual.

What is different about Illicit Flower?

Illicit Flower offers the same sensuality as Illicit, through a different floral freshness. The rose and jasmine now combine with freesia and grapefruit blossom to bring even more lightness to the fragrance. It's wrapped in musks and has a delightful new apricot note.

Why did you choose to include apricot and mandarin notes?

Mandarin brings a radiance from the start, with a natural sweetness. And I chose apricot for its voluptuousness.

What is Illicit Flower inspired by?

The sensuality and femininity of Jimmy Choo creations. They all have a touch of audacity.

Who is the Illicit Flower woman?

She's sexy yet elegant, delicate yet daring.

Where in the world does the perfume take you?

A beach party in California.

What's your favourite perfume note?

I love smells that transport me to places, like jasminum sambac, which is a species of jasmine native to the Himalayas.

In which country did you compose Illicit Flower?


Which scent notes are the strongest?

The rose and musk.

If Illicit Flower were a sweet dish, what would it be?

A delicate mousse of musky rose and apricot.