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5 fun facts about Alex Bowen & Olivia Buckland’s wedding - SCENTS Blog

5 fun facts about Alex Bowen & Olivia Buckland’s wedding

Alex bowen Olivia buckland wedding
Celebrity & People
Words: Elena Andreou
Interview: Joey Guedes

Have you rushed home from a night out to make it in front of the telly before 9pm? Asked the person you’re seeing if you could have THE ‘chat’? Shouted at the screen after your favourite islander got mugged off, yet again? We’ve all been there, done that, got the “I’ve got a text” T-shirt. Yes, Love Island fever is among us once again – and we are hooked!

Alex Shoot

So, imagine the excitement levels (x10000!) when we got the chance to sit down with one half of the show’s ultimate power couples? We chit chatted to Alex Bowen who is about to make Love Island history as the first ever couple to make it down the aisle (well, officially at least, we’re not counting that Dom and Jess ‘ceremony’).

With their impending nuptials rumoured to take place any day now, we dug a little deeper to get all the deets about Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland’s wedding. Here’s all the bantz:

1. He will be switching up his
aftershave on the big day

“I change aftershave all the time, I find a new smell that I like or to be fair I rob most of my friends’ aftershave! If they ever have a new one and I try it and like it, I will go out and buy it too without telling them. So I will probably change it [aftershave] up for the wedding day.”

2. Their adorable French bulldog,
Reggie, won't be a ring bearer

“[Reggie the dog] is an absolute nightmare. I wanted him to be a ring bearer but he just runs around us all the time. He slobbers so much, we’re worried he would wreak Olivia’s dress and my suit. So we’ll have a lady look after him so he can be there for a few minutes for pictures but then he’s going to leave.”

3. We have access-all-areas to
their wedding as they have their
own reality show

“We’ve got our own show coming out called “Alex & Olivia said yes” and it’s going to be following the build up to the wedding and the wedding itself. It’s coming out sometime in September on TLC.”

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4. Olivia’s bridal scent is still a

“She hasn’t told me what she’s wearing yet or if it will be her everyday scent. But she knows the one I like and always buy her for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and birthdays, so hopefully it’s going to be that.”

5. OK, it’s not technically wedding-related – but are you tempted
to watch your Love Island season?

“There are only certain ones me and Liv can watch, because obviously stuff happened between us. But, we’ve rewatched the final because that was a nice episode and we watched literally anything after the lie detector – so like the family one”

Alex bowen Olivia buckland wedding

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