Scorza di Sicilia
Eau de Parfum

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A family run company, the house of Berdoues has been developing perfumed creations since 1902, applying the hallowed practices of French high perfumery. Their fragrances are the result of unique know-how and uncompromising requirements. The Grands Crus Collection opens up a brand-new olfactory palette, with each fragrance expressing one of the world’s regions and offering a unique interpretation of its olfactory identity by using the finest raw materials that each locality has to offer. The quality of the selected essences and their concentration levels ensure exceptional lasting power on the skin. Created by perfumer Sébastien Martin, Scorza di Sicilia conjures up the scorching lands of Italy and Sicily in particular. The ‘Scorza’ (or peel of a citrus fruit) asserts its sparkling character before revealing the bright sweetness of a sun-drenched fruit within. A miraculous alchemy between the generosity of the earth, abundance of the sun and scarcity of the rain, the unique essence of these citrus fruits have inspired Scorza di Sicilia. The harmony of the key ingredients, Calabrian lemon, Virginian cedar and Indonesian vetiver, releases an intense, long-lasting sweet Citrus perfume.