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Proactive Salicylic Acne Imperfections Repair Treatment

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Designed to help reduce acne, breakouts and bacteria, as well as to improve the skin's appearance, the Proactive Salicylic Acne & Imperfections Repair Treatment is enriched with Salicylic Acid, Zincidone and Walnut Extract. Lightweight and soothing, this moisturiser helps eradicate bacteria, oiliness and blackheads, leaving skin smooth, calmed and glowing.

The science:
Harbouring powerful acne-fighting properties, Salicylic Acid aims to purify oily skin whilst unblocking pores and eliminating excess sebum.
Acting as a physio-seboregulator, Zincidone aims to reduce the level of skin sebum whilst limiting bacterial proliferation and skin irritation, reinforcing skin barrier function.
With powerful antioxidant properties, Walnut Extract aims to protect skin against environmental stress factors such as pollution and UV.

- Aims to reduce acne and imperfections
- Works to fight bacteria
- Helps smooth and improve skin's appearance
- Contributes to lessening the first signs of ageing

Getting the most from The Proactive Salicylic Acne & Imperfections Repair Treatment:

1 The jaw - Apply the moisturiser, working from the chin towards the earlobes.
2 The cheeks - Smooth from nose to temples
3 The forehead - Massage, making smoothing movements from the centre of the face outwards
4 The final touch - Massage, making circular movements from eyebrows to nose, avoiding the eye contour area

Combine with an eye serum or cream for a complete skincare routine

Store in a cool and dry place.