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What is Assist Me?
Assist Me by CityMaaS enables pre-set personalised assistance levels to ensure everyone can access our website. Customers can use the accessibility toolbar for the configurations, depending on if they have visual, hearing, physical or cognitive needs. The tool also allows customers to search terms and phrases unknown to them.

Whenever you need assistance, click on this icon in the navigation to open the assist me tool


These are mostly the presets for assisting colour-blind individuals but can also be used for other visually impaired people


These are mostly the presets for assisting individuals who are suffering from hearing issues. It shows transcripts for video assets.


These are mostly the presets for assisting motor-impaired persons to operate websites using keyboard hot keys.


These are mostly the pre-sets for assisting with reading and focusing.

What does this mean for The Perfume Shop?

We believe that all our customers should be able to have an easy and enjoyable experience when they are shopping with us online and offline. By partnering with CityMaaS our online customers will be able to adjust their experience on our website to meet their personal needs. We are delighted that this will help more of our customers to enjoy exploring the world of perfume and find their perfect scent in a more inclusive online shopping experience.

Laura Wilkinson, Online Business Director