Perfume Of The Month

The name of the new women's fragrance by CHANEL tells a story. The story of the woman Gabrielle before she became Coco Chanel the designer. A passionate rebel at heart, she had to gain her freedom to become the woman she wanted to be. A woman as radiant as the fragrance she inspired.

The fragrance is a pure floral. A solar flower based on a bouquet of orange blossom, jasmine, ylang-ylang and Grasse tuberose. 4 white flowers, 4 points of light that mirror the 4 corners of the bottle.

Crafted from ultra-thin glass, the bottle lets the light shine through. The label mirrors the stopper in size and shape, with an indefinable lamé colour, a delicate balance between gold and silver. To finish, the silhouette of the bottle is embossed on the protective case.


At The Perfume Shop, we pay homage to perfume as we specially select and celebrate a women’s perfume of the month.