Summer Shop

Isn't it incredible how a single smell can immediately transport the imagination to a vivid destination? A whiff of cut grass can bring back snapshots of a sunny picnic in the park. Or a hit of coconut can send you spiralling to picture-perfect shores. With that in mind (literally!) get set to encapsulate summer 2017 with a new fragrance that'll conjure up pangs of holiday nostalgia long after the escape is over. You'll thank us later...

Summer Fragrances For Her

Flowers in full bloom and zesty fruit reign supreme in the world of fragrance during the warmer months. Embrace the flower power aesthetic by opting for jasmine, lily and rose heart notes. And go bananas for opening notes of grapefruit, apple and watermelon. If that doesn't bottle the spirit of summer, then you're not doing it properly!

Summer Fragrances For Him

To keep your cool when the temperature raises go for a refreshing scent that is packed with zesty and citrus notes. We're talking a squeeze of lime, a stick of cucumber and a sprinkling of coriander - hungry yet?