Since the 1930’s, perfume has been an integral part of Hermès history. Whether you picture yourself tucked away in an idyllic hillside or cavorting at a grand ball, each scent will open your mind to your fantasies.

Hermès, Perfumer

Perfume has been a part of our history at Hermès since the 1930s.
As both craftsman and artist, Hermès demonstrates through its perfumes the excellence of its craftsmanship and its creative freedom. In the library of Hermès perfumes, every creation tells a story, opens up an imaginary world.

Like stories filled with characters and events, THE NOVEL PERFUMES expand time with their lasting presence.
They draw their inspiration from the heritage of Hermès and its universe. Calèche, Équipage or more recently Eau des Merveilles, Terre d’Hermès, Voyage d’Hermès and now Jour d’Hermès tell a story and invite us to share in the imaginary world of the House.

Shorter tales with a more limited number of characters and events, THE NOVELLA PERFUMESthe Gardens and Colognes – concentrate time around a single moment. An olfactory stroll, each Garden Perfume establishes a new sensory geography inspired by annual themes at Hermès. The Hermès Colognes are generous expressions of simple pleasures, and sit perfectly in this register of olfactory snapshots.



Each of these delicate perfumes has a story behind the scent and opens up the door to love and romance. Gentlemen will be spoiled with the Terre de Hermès collection offering Eau de Parfum and Shaving balm, whilst women can fantasise over the Eau de Merveilles range.